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Key Aspects of Insuring Your Apartment Building

Don't Be Blindsided: Key Aspects of Insuring Your Apartment Building Owning an apartment building can be a lucrative investment, but with great financial gains come significant risks. Unforeseen events like fires, storms, or tenant accidents can quickly turn profit...

Church Insurance Coverages

Churches are more than just buildings; they are places of worship, community gatherings, and support for the spiritual and social needs of their members. But like any other organization, churches are also vulnerable to risks that can have a significant financial...

Space Heater Safety

With our lowest temperatures coming up, it can be tempting to use a space heater to warm up the house, basement, or garage. While convenient, there are some very real dangers we’d like you to be aware of. Below is some information on kerosene heaters from The...

Safe Winter Driving

Tips for you and your employees to drive safe in winter weather.

Ten Things to do if you are in an Auto Accident

10 things to do immediately after a car accident. From COVA Insurance